Pioneering Liquefied Natural Gas

In 2020, we launched the fourth LNG cruise ship in our fleet - and in the world - powered by LNG both at sea and in port.

Pioneering Liquefied Natural Gas

Switching from Marine Diesel to


Sulfur Dioxides
85 %
Reduction in Nitrogen Oxides
95-100 %
Reduction in Particulate Matter
Up to
20 %
Reduction in Carbon Emissions

Transitioning to Alternative Fuels

In the cruise industry, we have pioneered the use of LNG, and we are continuing to expand our investments in LNG as the marine industry’s most advanced fuel to date.

We are proud to be on the forefront of advancing LNG as an alternative fuel source for the cruise industry – an innovation that supports our sustainability goals and reduces our green house gas emissions. One of the keys to establishing LNG as a standard for powering cruise ships in building out an extensive, safe, and reliable infrastructure across the globe for this advanced fuel technology.

Making History

We began the implementation of our LNG vision by using LNG in port. In 2015, AIDA Cruises’ AIDAsol made history as the first cruise ship in the world to be supplied with power by an LNG hybrid barge while in port in Hamburg, Germany.

In 2018, AIDAnova launched as the first cruise ship in the world powered by LNG both at sea and in port. In 2019, we launched the second LNG-powered cruise ship for our global feet, Costa Smeralda, and in 2020, we added Iona and Mardi Gras.

Click the video to learn more the Mardi Gras, the first LNG cruise ship in North America coming to Port Canaveral.

4 LNG-Powered Ships

We have pioneered the use of LNG within the cruise industry with the first cruise ship in the world with the ability to use LNG to generate 100% of its power both in port and at sea. Since 2018, we have added three additional LNG ships, Costa Smeralda in 2019 and Iona and Mardi Gras in 2020. These innovative ships generate significantly less carbon emissions than traditionally-powered ships.

Bringing LNG to North America

In 2020, Mardi Gras became the first LNG- powered cruise ship in North America. The ship operates from Port Canaveral, Florida. New terminal facilities were built at Port Canaveral and are under construction at Port Miami. Shell has chartered the state-of-the-art QLNG 4000 fuel barge to facilitate bunkering Mardi Gras while at Port Canaveral.