Health, Environmental, Safety, Security & Sustainability Corporate Policy

Carnival Corporation & plc and its Operating Lines are committed to:

  • Protecting the health, safety and security of our passengers, guests, employees, and all others working on our behalf thereby promoting an organization that always strives to be free of injuries, illness, and loss.

  • Protecting the environment, including the marine environment in which our vessels sail and the communities in which we operate, striving to prevent adverse environmental consequences, and using resources efficiently and sustainably.

  • Complying with or exceeding all legal and statutory requirements related to health, environment, safety, security and sustainability throughout our business activities.

  • Assigning health, environment, safety, security (HESS) and sustainability matters the same priority as other critical business matters.

To implement this Policy, the management of Carnival Corporation & plc and its Operating Lines will:

  • Ensure compliance with this Policy within each of Carnival’s Corporate and Operating Line organizations.

  • Identify managers who are responsible for HESS and sustainability performance and ensure that there are clear lines of accountability.

  • Develop, implement and monitor effective and verifiable management systems to realize our HESS and sustainability commitments.

  • Support a proactive framework of risk mitigation in the areas of HESS aimed at preventing, monitoring and responding to threats.

  • Identify the aspects of our business that could negatively affect the environment and take appropriate action to minimize any adverse effects.

  • Identify, document, assess and conduct periodic reviews of the principal HESS and sustainability risks affecting our business and implement practical measures to manage the identified risks effectively.

  • Provide HESS and sustainability support, training, advice, and information, as appropriate, to passengers, guests, employees, and others working on behalf of the Company.

  • Perform annual HESS audits and take prompt action on identified audit findings.

  • Maintain an Ethics & Compliance reporting hotline to allow for anonymous reporting of HESS and compliance concerns.

  • Promptly report and properly investigate all HESS incidents and take appropriate action to prevent recurrence.

  • Establish and act upon goals and objectives to improve our HESS and sustainability performance. Promote industry best practices and publicly report to and maintain open dialogue and cooperation with key stakeholders on HESS and sustainability matters.

  • Require business partners to know and comply with applicable legal and statutory requirements related to HESS, labor, and human rights.

  • Require that employees who become aware of any vessel or crew’s inability to comply with Company, legal, or statutory requirements report same to management and specifically require that Environmental Compliance reports from shoreside employees be made in writing to their Operating Line Compliance Manager.

  • Prohibit retaliation against anyone who reports a violation of Company, legal, or statutory requirements and establish that an employee’s failure to notify regarding any such violation is grounds for discipline or dismissal.

  • Conduct a Corporate senior management review of this Policy at least annually.