Environmental Officer Responsibilities

Each ship in our fleet has a full-time Environmental Officer (EO), who monitors environmental compliance and the implementation of environmental procedures

Our brands offer distinct cruising options along with a truly unique and memorable experience for our guests. As different as our brands are, they all share a commitment to preserving the beautiful and often pristine environments in which we cruise. Because of this shared sense of responsibility, the company carefully manages environmental activities and addresses environmental stewardship at every level of our organization.

In collaboration with our brand environmental teams, our Maritime Policy & Analysis Department develops policies and procedures, and raises the bar on our environmental leadership and performance by oftentimes exceeding regulatory requirements and implementing best practices.

Our management teams identify and manage environmental aspects and impacts, supervise the environmental performance of the ships, and ensure implementation of environmental regulatory requirements, best management practices and company environmental procedures. Most importantly, our dedicated onboard officers and crew carry out company policies and procedures every day.

Each ship in our fleet has a full-time Environmental Officer (EO), who monitors environmental compliance and the implementation of environmental procedures. Each EO reports directly to the ship’s Captain, and has a direct line of communication with their Operating Line Compliance Manager (OLCM).

Our brands also encourage our guests to be aware of their own impacts on the environment. We provide, for example, environmental awareness information to passengers across a range of media. Our EOs are glad to answer any environmental questions our guests may have and provide insight into maritime environmental management for interested guests.

Scope of Environmental Officer Responsibilities

  • Monitoring the ship’s environmental compliance activities, including waste operations.

  • Performing environmental rounds and inspections to assess the ship’s environmental performance.

  • Assisting the crew in addressing environmental concerns and questions related to Carnival’s Environmental Management System and applicable environmental requirements.

  • Providing some environmental shipboard training of crew who have environmental responsibilities.

  • Assessing the environmental proficiency of the ship’s crew, identifying gaps and providing additional training if necessary.

  • Aiding the Captain, Chief Engineer and government officials, in the event of accidental releases or spills.

  • Participating in shipboard management meetings and ensuring that environmental matters are addressed.

  • Evaluating new methods to minimize the ship’s environmental impact (waste minimization, water and energy conservation, and other measures).

  • Review environmental restrictions in support of voyage planning.

  • Providing assistance to internal and external auditors during environmental audits.

  • Testing the Carnival Compliance and Ethics Hotline and ensuring that Carnival Compliance and Ethics Hotline information is posted in crew areas.

  • Ensuring proper notification of all environmental incidents, as required.