RePapel lady

Recycled Paper and Crafts Entrepreneurship

Participation by 2,500+ guests have led to…

  • 13,000+ sheets of paper produced
  • 11 women becoming members of a cooperatively owned business
  • 3 artisans having a safe workshop for their labor and a market for their products

Guests hands-on support helps all aspects of this company grow, increasing both production and sales. In addition, the RePapel ladies and the artisans are enhancing their English communication skills. This is a very important skill in order to support English speaking tourism. As a result of our partnership paper recycling has been introduced to the community.

concrete workers

Concrete Floors in Community Homes

Participation by 1,000+ guests have led to…

  • 200+ people in 50+ homes receiving a new concrete floor
  • 160+ students getting a new multi-use outside court at their school
  • 16,000+ square meters of concrete laid

These floors provide safer and healthier homes and areas for play. Homes and courts with concrete floors are easier to clean and less likely to cause respiratory problems. Young children are better able to develop their mobility on a smooth concrete floor. And concrete floors are a point of personal pride for the beneficiaries of this project.

teacher and students

Educational Impact through

Participation by 3,700+ guests have led to…

  • 700+ Dominicans, including students and community members, have benefitted from effective foreign language interaction with English speakers
  • 150+ visits to schools and communities
  • Community English Conversation & Learning
  • Student English Conversation & Learning
  • Creative Arts, Music & Sports (CAMS)

English proficiency is one of the most important drivers of employment success in the economy of the Dominican Republic.

Approximately 31 hours per beneficiary of direct interaction and instruction. This signifies 13% of the number of hours recommended by international bodies to achieve basic proficiency in English.