Artisanal Soap-making with Locals

In 2017 our guests’ participation led to:

  • 700+ bars produced
  • 5,300+ bars cut
  • 1,300+ bars packaged

Guests participate at every stage of soap production (from formulating and cutting to stamping and packaging) and learn new skills under the guidance of experienced local soap-makers. They see how they use authentic ingredients to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind products. With guests’ hands-on support, both soap production and sales increase, and the organization can thrive so it can hire more local staff and also increase purchase of locally sourced ingredients for soap making, stimulating local economy, providing critical income in a region with limited employment opportunities. Guests support also made possible the preparation of soap for an important hygiene program that will provide classes in personal hygiene to kids and adults nationwide, to avoid death by infectious diseases that can be prevented by washing hands.

Art, Jewelry and Craft Creation with Locals

In 2017 our guests’ participation led to 11,000+ sheets of paper produced, which helped all aspects of this company grow, increasing both production and sales. Guest travel into one of Puerto Plata’s bustling neighbourhoods to the home of RePapel, an inspiring community of female artists who transform repurposed materials into works of art. They learn new artistic skills and free their imagination as they produce arts and crafts with the help of RePapel’s famously warm and enthusiastic staff. Guest’s participation supports the RePapel ladies and the artisans by producing paper and jewelry as well as by enhancing their English communication skills. This is a very important skill in order to support English speaking tourism. As a result of our partnership paper recycling has been introduced to the community.

Concrete Floors in Community Homes

In 2017 our guests’ participation led to:

  • 200+ people in 61 homes receiving a new concrete floor
  • 2,000+ square meters of concrete laid

Guests have the opportunity to help improve the lives and health of the Dominican people from the ground up. Literally. In the homes of poorer communities, the common basic dirt floors are a genuine health risk. They pick up dust during the dry season and retain dampness and puddles in the rainy season. And they’re impossible to clean, which means that anything spilled on the floor or tracked into the house, however unhygienic, tends to stay put. Every month, homes in a different small area of a community will be chosen to be upgraded with new concrete floors. Homes with concrete floors are easier to clean and less likely to cause respiratory problems. Young children are better able to develop their mobility on a smooth concrete floor. And concrete floors are a point of personal pride for the beneficiaries of this project.

Educational Impact

In 2017 our guests’ participation led to:

  • 700+ Dominicans (students and community members) benefitting from effective foreign language interaction with English speakers
  • 15,500+ hours of English interaction

With the increased demand for bilingual speakers in the growing tourism industry in the Dominican Republic, there’s a great future for communities that show a culture of support for English-language learning. Guests engage in activities designed to create interest and excitement in the learning process and aid in language retention. They engage in games, vocabulary lessons and small-group conversations that provide much needed confidence.

Cuba’s Historical, Costumes and Cultural Experience

Carnival Corporation & plc became the first North American cruise operator in over 40 years to bring U.S. cruise guests directly from the U.S. to Cuba and return to the US. During 2016 and 2017, Fathom took guests to Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba and developed an extensive set of onboard and onshore Cuban experiences. Guests experienced a wide variety of activities covering an array of interests, ranging from an orientation of Cuba’s history, costumes and culture, to geography-inspired entertainment, casual and fun personal enrichment activities, and even conversational Spanish lessons. In 2017, Carnival Corporation expanded the Cuba offerings by extending experiences to Carnival Cruise Line and Holland America Line who also gained approval to sail to Cuba.