Reforestation and Nursery Project

In 2017 our guest’s participation led to:

  • 15,000+ seeds planted in our nurseries to begin their growth
  • 10,000+ seedlings transplanted from nurseries into the Dominican soil
  • 8+ acres of land reforested

Our guests were involved in local reforestation efforts designed to improve the livelihoods of Dominican families, restore degraded land, and contribute to forest and wildlife conservation throughout the region. They specifically participate in different activities at the Nursery that range from the simple potting of seedlings and/or seeds, to transporting plants, to more physically demanding efforts like mixing the potting soil, digging holes, transporting seedlings, and planting.

Authentic Dominican Chocolate Experience

In 2017 our guests’ participation led to:

  • 1,500+ pounds of chocolate nibs cleaned which translates to 47,000+ finished chocolate bars
  • 56,000+ products wrapped
  • 20,000+ cacao seeds planted in the nursery that services the factory

Our guests travel into the lush Dominican countryside and explore tropical chocolate-making firsthand with the women of Chocal, a small organic chocolate cooperative. They participate in the entire chocolate-making process, from the planting of cacao seeds to making Chocal’s renowned chocolate bars. At every stage, they learn about the history and culture of cacao cultivation from the colourful, warm-hearted women of the cooperative. Guest’s direct impact helps this cooperative grow and thrive, their participation increases both sales and production.

Water Filter Production

In 2017 our guests’ participation led to:

  • 800+ water filters produced
  • 3,700+ individuals benefiting, now having access to safe drinking water

The water crisis is a reality that plagues the entire world. In the Dominican Republic alone, more than three million people have no access to piped water. One solution already being implemented is the production of clay water filters, which mean far fewer children and adults will miss school or work due to waterborne illnesses. Guests have the opportunity to work alongside established organizations and local artisans in the entire filter-making process: gathering and mixing the raw materials, working the clay, shaping and firing the filters, and testing the quality of the finished product. In this family-friendly activity, even smaller children will find ways to do their part. The recipients of these filters will experience a significant reduction in instances of waterborne illnesses, as well as cost savings from not having to purchase expensive bottled water. Indirect benefits will include better work and school attendance as well as less waste.

Dominican Coffee Experience

In 2017 our guests’ participation led to:

  • 500+ seeds planted
  • 4,600+ square meters of land reforested

This activity supports local communities to increase coffee production, therefore increasing incomes and well-being for coffee growers, while creating local employment, keeping families and communities together. This activity also creates cultural exchange opportunities and English practice for locals. Guests venture off the beaten path and into the beautiful Dominican tropical forest to meet the local farmers, hear their stories and learn the ins and outs of coffee production, from bean to brew. Enjoy a cup (or three) of the finest coffee in the world. And put all that extra energy to good use, if so inclined, by planting coffee seedlings and taking turns at roasting the beans.