In 2014, we partnered with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to support its global marine protection priorities with a $2.5 million gift over an initial five-year period. TNC is one of the world’s leading conservation organizations, working across all sectors of industry and society to help advance its mission to protect the natural world and develop relationships that best align to produce clear conservation benefits with lasting, measurable outcomes.

Our Partnership is supporting TNC’s Mapping Ocean Wealth (MOW) program. This program creates maps that show the extent and distribution of benefits that habitats like coral reefs and mangroves provide, including fish production, flood mitigation, erosion control and recreation. Our partnership also supports TNC’s Caribbean efforts to protect and sustainably manage the Caribbean’s critical marine resources.

2017 performance highlights

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MOW was recognized by the World Travel and Tourism Council – 2017 Tourism for Tomorrow Innovation Prize for developing an innovative methodology to map the tourism value of coral reefs around the world.

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Twitter Account

Grew the following and impact of the MOW Twitter account (@ocean_wealth) that is strategically linked to the Conservancy’s social media portfolio.

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In Micronesia, MOW’s fisheries mapping is supporting protected areas planning and at the same time is being improved with higher resolution maps, covering a wider range of coral reef habitats.

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In the Bahamas, MOW is supporting the design of marine protected areas in the Bahamas, helping the country to meet its Caribbean Challenge Initiative 2020 goal of protecting 20 percent of its near shore marine habitat.

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In Australia, TNC has leveraged considerable funding to support projects looking at seagrass, saltmarsh, oysters and mangroves in the southern shorelines, focusing on carbon storage and sequestration and on fisheries enhancement.

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In Florida, the Oyster Calculator is being used by TNC and by managers in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to help set meaningful goals for oyster reef restoration in Pensacola Bay and St. Andrews Bay.