reforestation and nurseries project

Reforestation and Nurseries Project

Participation by 1,500+ guests have led to…

  • 21,000+ seeds planted in our nurseries to begin their growth
  • 10,000+ seedlings transplanted from our nurseries into the Dominican soil
  • 7+ total acres of land reforested

With time this will lead to more nutrient-rich soil, a reduction in soil loss, and improved localized air and water quality. We are reforesting with native trees that will reestablish the endemic flora—tropical rain forests—that ought to be found on the island.

We are supporting the Dominican Ministry of the Environment in its efforts to reduce human settlements in protected areas, and we are working with private landowners to increase education about conservation and reforestation.

cacao and womens chocolate cooperative

Cacao and Women’s Chocolate Cooperative (Chocal)

Participation by 2,000+ guests have led to…

  • 4,000+ pounds of nibs cleaned, which translates to 127,000+ finished chocolate bars
  • 89,000+ products wrapped, packaged, and prepared for sale
  • 16,000+ cacao seeds planted in the nursery that services Chocal

Guests‘ direct impact helps this company grow and thrive, as traveler participation increases both sales and production. As Chocal grows, additional critical income opportunities become available in the region, and the overall well-being of Chocal’s own employees increases.

The cacao seeds planted will become seedlings, and those seedlings will be distributed at a reduced cost to farmers in the area. Eventually some of the cacao harvested from those trees will find its way back to Chocal, where it will become delicious chocolate.

water filter production

Water Filter Production

Participation by 800+ guests have led to…

  • 900+ water filters produced
  • benefitting an estimated 4,000+ individuals who don’t have access to safe drinking water

The recipients of these filters will experience a significant reduction in instances of waterborne illnesses, as well as const savings from not having to purchase expensive bottled water. Indirect benefits will include better work and school attendance.