FY2016 Guest Experience Performance

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Ocean MedallionTM

As part of our continuous efforts to enhance our cruise products and services, we unveiled an innovative interactive guest “Experience Platform” called Ocean MedallionTM. This technology enables elevated service levels through enhanced guest interactions. The Ocean MedallionTM platform allows for a new level of personalization previously not available in the global vacation industry. For more on the Ocean MedallionTM visit

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TV Programs

To drive cruise consideration, we launched three original TV programs that are airing on major U.S. networks – ABC, NBC and the CW – during popular family-oriented programming timing blocks. Each program showcases one of our brands providing an amazing vacation while highlighting ocean travel as a means to experience global destinations and learn about other cultures. These programs had an annual expected viewership well in excess of 150 million viewers.

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We launched our impact travel brand Fathom in June 2015 and began sailing in April 2016 with an inaugural impact voyage to the Dominican Republic. Fathom offers unique and playful purpose-driven travel experiences and gives travelers meaningful opportunities to come alongside locals and participate with community-driven initiatives. Building on a legacy of pioneering achievements, we, through Fathom, became the first cruise company in more than four decades to begin operating voyages from the U.S. to Cuba, an effort that included a change to a long-standing practice that no Cuban-born individual could come or go to Cuba by sea. To learn more, visit www.fathom.org.

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New destinations

As part of our mission to take the world on vacation and deliver exceptional experiences, we celebrated:

  • Opening of Holland America’s Denali Square complex in Alaska, a private retreat on the site of our 60-acre McKinley Chalet Resort at the gates of Denali National Park.
  • Full operation of our newest Caribbean destination, Amber Cove. It serves as a gateway to the Caribbean’s newest cruise destination. The port offers a warm welcome with a lively village featuring local cuisine and artists, a complimentary swimming pool, water slides, zip lines and a Sky Bar atop a 75-foot granite rock, providing stunning views. To learn more about Amber Cove, visit

Our Commitment

This year, we had the privilege of taking 11.5 million guests on vacation across our 102 ships. Cruising appeals to a broad range of ages and income levels. The average age of a cruise guest varies by brand and ranges from approximately 40 years to 60 years across contemporary, premium and luxury cruise categories. Cruising provides something for every generation, from kid clubs to an array of on board entertainment provided to teens and adults. Cruising also offers transportation to a variety of destinations and a diverse range of ship types and sizes, as well as price points, to attract guests with varying tastes and from most income levels.

Our Strategy

No matter what type of cruise our guests choose, providing excellent service and guest satisfaction is at the heart of our guest service strategy. Guest feedback also provides insight into how we approach our relationships with this key stakeholder group. We consider their feedback to be of vital importance.

Whether they are first-time cruisers or long-time cruise enthusiasts within our brands, we invite them to return and inspire them to recommend our brands, thereby sustaining our business. To encourage more first-time cruisers, we have shortened the duration of some cruises, which has broadened the appeal for cruising. Our brands also have multiple pricing levels that vary by cruise brand, category of cabin, ship, season, duration and itinerary. We continue to upgrade and enhance the vacation experiences we offer with new features as part of our effort to attract first-time cruisers and keep our product exciting for repeat guests.

We are proud to offer a wide array of gaming opportunities for the enjoyment of our guests. We also support a Responsible Gaming program designed to assist our guests in making responsible choices through knowledge and empowerment.

Our approach to Responsible Gaming forms an integral part of this commitment. Responsible Gaming occurs in an environment where management and staff have been suitably educated to assist guests so that the potential for harm associated with gambling is kept to a minimum and our guests are able to make informed decisions. To learn more about our Responsible Gaming program visit our website at

Although the vast majority of our guests are highly satisfied with their vacation experience, there are occasional complaints. Resolving issues in an expedient manner during the cruise, rather than having guests wait until they return home to make contact, enables guests to more fully enjoy their vacations. This approach also provides us with a valuable on-the-spot learning tool that supports improvement of policies, procedures and the overall cruise product. Guests also have different means available to convey their opinions and their level of satisfaction to the company. A common tool is a survey provided to guests after their cruise, through which guests may express their opinions about the various aspects of the service and assign a performance score to each aspect.

Taking care of our guests during a crisis is also part of our duty. We have a dedicated group of CareTeam members who are trained to respond to a variety of emergencies, primarily medical-related situations, and are dispatched to locations throughout our cruising regions to provide personalized support and assistance as needed to all of our brands. The CareTeam members are committed to assist our guests, as well as their families, friends and loved ones and provide them with compassionate assistance and support during challenging situations.

To further care for our guests we support the U.S. Passenger Bill of Rights, which details our commitment to the safety, comfort and care of our guests. It specifically addresses delays, cancellations and other unplanned events. The Passenger Bill of Rights codifies many long-standing practices of our organization and Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) member lines and it also goes beyond some practices to further inform cruise guests of our commitment to their comfort and care.

Protecting our guest’s privacy is also extremely important to our guests and business. We have dedicated privacy teams that oversee our data privacy programs. We have also implemented privacy standards, which require the conduct of reviews of the adequacy of the privacy program.

Introducing Denali Square