2020 Goal & Update

Our Community

Continue to work on initiatives and partnerships that support and sponsor a broad range of organizations for the benefit of our local and global communities throughout our brands, in particular Fathom™.

We continue to engage in initiatives and partnerships that support and sponsor a broad range of organizations for the benefit of our local and global communities:

  • Supported hurricane relief and rebuild efforts in hard hit areas in the U.S. and the Caribbean.
  • Started a partnership with Mercy Ships.
  • Continued to support the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture with a $2 million gift over a five year period.
  • Continued our partnership with The Nature Conservancy with a $2.5 million gift over a five year period.
  • Continued our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters program with a $5 million gift over a five year period.

Business Partner Code of Conduct and Ethics

Further develop and implement vendor assurance procedure ensuring compliance with Carnival Corporation & plc’s Business Partner Code of Conduct and Ethics.

  • We continue to deploy a Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire within our supply chain.
  • We committed to aligning to welfare standards for broiler chicken by 2024.

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FY2017 Community Engagement Performance

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Hurricane Relief & Rebuilding Efforts

In response to the severe 2017 hurricane season that affected the U.S. and the Caribbean region, Carnival Corporation & plc, The Micky and Madeleine Arison Family Foundation and the Carnival Corporation brands have collectively pledged up to $12 million dollars to support the relief and rebuilding efforts. In addition, our ships delivered critical supplies to the affected areas. These contributions also benefit our employees and their families from our head office and shipboard who live in the affected areas. For additional details please view our community support highlight.

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Costa Group (Costa Cruises, Costa Asia and AIDA Cruises) started a partnership with Mercy Ships to support its humanitarian work. Mercy Ships is an international non-governmental organization that works to promote access to essential healthcare in developing nations. For additional details please view our community support highlight..

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In 2017 we launched OceanView™ our proprietary digital streaming network featuring compelling experiential content twenty-four/seven, currently available on major digital platforms as well as on board our ships. OceanView™ launched simultaneously with our two new proprietary original content digital productions, “Go” and “Local Eyes”, that complement our three award winning television shows. These television programs have generated over 100 hours of cumulative airtime and reached an audience of over 200 million viewers. These series engage all audiences while inspiring them to travel the world and allow us to continue to educate consumers about the cruise experience. To learn more please visit https://www.ocean.com/ocean/oceanview

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Economic Impact

As per Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) the cruise industry generated $126 billion in global economic impact in 2016. This economic activity generated over 1 million jobs around the world, paying $41.1 billion in global wages in 2016. For additional details please refer to CLIA, 2018 Cruise Industry Outlook.

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FATHOM – TRAVELdeep™ Groups

Fathom’s guests joined local community members on highly impactful sustainability projects in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and Cuba. Some of the projects impacting the local communities included:

  • Cuba’s historical costumes and culture
  • Artisanal soap-making
  • Full coffee experience
  • Reforestation and nurseries
  • Cacao and Women’s Chocolate Cooperative
  • Water filter production
  • Recycled paper and crafts entrepreneurship
  • Concrete floors in community homes
  • Educational impact

For more details on these projects, please refer to the TRAVELdeepTM highlights in this report and for overall Fathom projects visit www.fathom.org

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UNESCO Partnership – World Heritage protection and sustainable tourism

Through our Seabourn brand we partnered with The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to foster wider support and understanding in the travel industry and among travelers for UNESCO’s mission of identifying, safeguarding and promoting World Heritage sites. The partnership consists of a $1 million financial commitment over a five year period, which started in 2014.

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World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)

We are members of this organization, which promotes partnerships between the public and private sectors. WTTC delivers results that match the needs of economies, local and regional authorities, and local communities, with those of business, based on governments recognizing Travel & Tourism as a top priority, business balancing economics with people, culture and environment, and a shared pursuit of long-term growth and prosperity.

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We continue to develop and implement comprehensive Community projects at the ports we own and operate. These ports include Puerta Maya, Cozumel, Mexico; Grand Turk Cruise Center, Turks & Caicos Islands; Amber Cove Cruise Center, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; and Mahogany Bay Cruise Center, Roatán, Honduras. The following is a summary of our main port community accomplishments in 2017:

  • Coastal Cleanup: our Mahogany Bay port supports various sustainability projects. The port has adopted the Brick Bay community and has organized annual coastal cleanup projects. In 2017, approximately 2,360 bags containing plastic and waste were collected.
  • Recycling Program: our Mahogany Bay and Puerta Maya ports improved their recycling programs and are able to recycle the majority of the recyclable materials generated at the port (i.e., cardboard, plastics, aluminum cans).
  • Continued rainwater collection program as part of the port’s water efficiency initiative.
    This program incorporates collected and treated rain water into the port’s water system to minimize the demand on the local water supply. This program is fully implemented in Amber Cove Cruise Center, Puerta Maya and Mahogany Bay Cruise Center. Amber Cove and Puerta Maya use the treated rain water for toilet flushing. Mahogany Bay uses the treated rainwater to supplement their potable water needs. All rain water is collected and treated on the port premises using port water treatment systems.

Our Commitment

Having a positive impact on the communities we visit begins with trust and unity on the inside; a strong company culture, a sense of responsibility and a focus on transparency. We embrace the culture of the communities in which we operate, including our headquarters locations, homeports, private islands and ports of call. We want our ships and crew to always be welcomed, bringing hope, prosperity and goodwill wherever they sail. We understand that there may be an impact on the sustainability of a community when we engage with, operate in, or cease operating there. We continually strive to promote sustainable tourism by contributing to our communities in a positive social, environmental and economic manner, working in conjunction with local governments, trade associations, tourism organizations and other community stakeholders.

Our Strategy

It is important for us to invest in the communities we visit and support their sustainable development, which is also essential for our operations.

Within our supply chain, we work with our tour operators to support and ensure responsible excursions. Our port development group works with port communities for developing leading destinations and ports as well as securing preferred ports. This enables us to grow demand and deliver unique experiences that benefit both our destinations and our organization.

The Carnival Foundation, brand foundations, our brands and our employees support a variety of local and global organizations through monetary and in-kind donations, innovative philanthropic programs, employee fundraisers and hands-on volunteer initiatives. We also provide our guest with the opportunity to contribute to the causes we support. Many of our brands have donation programs where reusable goods from our ships are provided to people in need throughout the communities we visit. In addition. local non-profit groups, government agencies and various stakeholder groups work with the brands to collect toiletries, dishes, cookware, mattresses, tableware, furniture and other items from the ships and distribute them to shelters, hospitals, orphanages and homeless programs. We also collaborate with many organizations that focus on the areas of the arts, human rights, education, health and environmental conservation.

As part of our commitment to supporting our communities, during times of crisis, we provide emergency aid and relief through financial donationswhich we coordinate with various national and international relief organizations. We also use our ships to deliver emergency supplies to the affected areas. Through our brands and corporate foundation as well as through the extraordinary efforts of our employees worldwide, we support a variety of relief programs providing aid, donations and services to an array of charitable organizations that touch many thousands of lives globally.

We also continue to increase the number of partnerships we have around the world to create even more opportunities for our guests and crew to positively experience the places they visit, and also participate in various community and social impact experiences. These experiences make a real sustainable impact on the people in the communities we journey to and our guests and crew. In 2017, we opened the Fathom experience to all our Carnival brands by offering customizable group experiences, called Travel Deep Groups, to deeply connect and inspire like-minded guests.